A Climate of Mattering

Employment & Learning

YWCA Saskatoon’s Employment & Learning Centre has been supporting both women and men in acquiring employability skills and employment through a variety of programs from workshops and classes, to individual services for more than 20 years. We are committed to assisting individuals as they pursue their career and employment goals and assisting in creating sustainable livelihoods.

Our employment programs help women, men, and families achieve sustainable livelihoods.

Many of our clients have found work in hospitality, construction, human services, and administration; others have begun further education and training. For these clients, employment and education have contributed to building their resilience, supporting their families, and making connections in the community.

To learn how you can join our program, please contact us for requirements and availability.

The Job Search Program is made possible through funding from the Ministry of the Economy, Labour Market Services.


Trade Journey

We are proud to be part of Trade Journey – a 16 week program that helps women remove barriers to entering a careers in the trade industries like carpentry, welding, and construction – just to name a few!

Please see  the Trade Journey section of our website for all the details!